A summer note from the SPRA CEO


A summer note from the SPRA CEO


As we enter the main holiday period, the SPRA Weekly News will also have a break for a couple of weeks. The next SPRA Weekly News with Brunton’s Blog will appear on the 14th of August. I hope that you don’t miss it too much as we rarely struggle to find interesting news, information and articles to include. In fact, it’s more often than not the case that we have to exclude some things each week. It’s sometimes difficult to find the right balance of what we think is going to be of most importance or use to members and others, so we’d really like your feedback on what you like about the News, what you might not like so much, and most importantly, what else would you like us to cover or consider for inclusion? The SPRA Weekly News is your publication, so just like your membership – we want it to work hard for you and the wider industry.


So, all suggestions, comments or positive criticisms should be emailed to me, Cathie Clarke on cathie.clarke@spra.co.uk. Don’t forget that anyone can sign up for the weekly news – just scroll to the bottom of any page on the website and enter your details. We will never pass on your contact details to any third party.


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