Are they SPRA..? (they say they are)!


Are they SPRA..? (they say they are)!

Last week, our technical team received a complaint regarding a single ply roofing project. The person who undertook the project produced a SPRA certificate as evidence that he was a member of SPRA. It was a very convincing certificate, but unfortunately it was fraudulent. This kind of practice is found across the construction sector, but there are simple ways that clients can check to ensure that people and companies have the certification and accreditation that they present. All of our members are listed on our website. If they are not on our website, then they are either not members, have been suspended for a period until audit compliance is regained or they have only just become members and we take a few days to produce their information on the site. This is the case for all trade associations that have a membership audit process. If you are still in doubt, then just pick up the phone or email enquiries@spra.co.uk. Help us to help the industry stamp out fraudulent activity and improve the quality of our buildings.


Source: Ronan Brunton, SPRA Technical Manager

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