Building Mental Health Charter – researching effectiveness -a consultation


Building Mental Health Charter – researching effectiveness -a consultation


Please help. As part of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’s long term journey improving mental health in construction through its Building Mental Health Charter, it is important that we take intermediate temperature checks to see if what we are doing is having a positive effect on our people. We have teamed up with Construction News and their Mind Matters programme to survey the workforce. This will be the 3rd annual Mind Matters survey and it will be interesting to see if all our effort is taking us on a positive journey.


To assist Construction News in compiling this survey I would like to solicit your support in sending this link through your communication channels. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CNMindMatters2019


The link connects to the Mind Matters Survey and is totally confidential and anonymous. The more people we have completing the survey the more insight we will have to know what we need to focus on next.


Source: Lighthouse Charity


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