CITB are changing the HS&E test


CITB are changing the HS&E test


The HS&E test gives employers the assurance that their workforce and those they work alongside are well prepared to be safe on the job. It’s about protecting people – it’s that simple.

Unless someone has proven that they are safe to be on-site, people shouldn’t have to work alongside them. The updates that CITB are making on the 26 June 2019 are the result of two and a half years working with industry and experts in other fields to ensure that the HS&E test continues to be fair, valid and reliable to support your workforce and the construction industry’s changing needs.  What these changes mean for industry : Anyone taking the test on or after 26 June 2019 will need to ensure that they have purchased the updated 2019 revision materials, which reflect the changes to the test. If their test is before the 26 June 2019, they will need the 2018 versions. More information.

Source: CITB

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