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  • CSCS card checking – Build UK ups the ante!

CSCS card checking – Build UK ups the ante!


CSCS card checking – Build UK ups the ante!

The third Build UK and CECA SmartCard Audit will take place in the autumn in partnership with CSCS and Reference Point. In addition to the usual one-day audit, members taking part in this year’s audit have also agreed to conduct a survey of operatives holding CSCS Labourer cards to identify whether they hold the right card for their job and if not, the blockers preventing them from obtaining the relevant card. For further information please contact David Bishop.   These checks will only increase and make life more difficult for unqualified operatives to access site. CSCS is not going away. The Government, Construction Leadership Council, the Industry Response Group (Hackitt) and Build UK have all confirmed that CSCS is the certification scheme for the industry. Let’s all make it work.


SPRA continues to lobby all stakeholders, but particularly main contractors through Build UK to ensure that the CSCS scheme is policed. If it was impossible to get on site without the right card and the right qualifications we would solve many workmanship issues overnight. Yes, it might be painful initially – but we have a great system so let’s use it. And why not extend it to the domestic sector?


If installers and operatives can’t get on any site without the card or the qualifications, they will have to invest in training. The time has come to say no to poor workmanship and yes to investing in skills and training. What will you do to help?


Source: SPRA CEO and Build UK