Cyber Security is not an IT problem!


Cyber Security is not an IT problem!


Today, I received an email from a supplier with a financial statement attached. I was suspicious as it did not look authentic to me, so before I did anything, I called the number on the email. As it turned out, it was a genuine email. However, I advised the company of my fears and perhaps they will update their email template in future. It made me think about a TedTalk that I watched recently, and I would like to share it with you now.

Although it is a year or so old, it is still hugely relevant and I recommend this to everyone. It is so easy to be a victim of cybercrime, both professionally and personally, and we all need to be aware and take responsibility to limit its reach. We can’t just rely on anti-virus software! Please watch and share this Tedtalk.


Source: Cathie Clarke, CEO, SPRA



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