Just signed up or fully compliant with the Build UK Training Standard?


Just signed up or fully compliant with the Build UK Training Standard?

At the Build UK Trade Association Forum on the 13th February, one of the members highlighted the fact that some sites are not recognising certification schemes that carry the CSCS logo. In this case, it was because their particular card did not appear on the ‘CITB Card Checker List’. This list clearly needs to be updated by CITB. However, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) agreed that from January 2015 the industry, including trade associations, contractors, clients, and government should specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted. Build UK supports the CLC decision and its members have agreed to consistently implement its requirements which are set out in the Build UK Training Standard. A useful Site Access Flowchart forms part of the Training Standard


Equally, SPRA has signed up to this Standard on behalf of its members, and we therefore encourage members to ensure that they also follow the Build UK Training Standard. It is an excellent resource and its adoption and implementation will have a positive and beneficial impact on quality and standards across our industry. We have the tools to self-police without legislation – let’s use them


Source: Cathie Clarke, SPRA CEO

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