New App launched to support Construction Workers Mental Health


 New App launched to support Construction Workers Mental Health


The statistics are grim, two construction workers take their own life every single working day and stress, anxiety and depression currently accounts for a fifth of all work-related illness.  But, a collaboration between the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, construction software firm ‘COINS’ and ‘Building Mental Health’, addresses this sensitive subject.


The Lighthouse Club recognise that not everyone feels comfortable talking about their feelings or personal situation, so this free app is aimed at people who would like to find out more information about how they can help themselves or take the next step in seeking professional help.  It is a preventative tool and provides support at the early stages of a situation so that the problem does not reach a life critical stage


The app will provide vital information, advice and guidance on many wellbeing topics including stress, anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts. It will also provide access to support in other areas such as drug and alcohol dependency, debt management, legal advice, and emergency financial aid. Get the Construction Industry Helpline App from your normal Appstore.


Source: The Lighthouse Club & Building Mental Health


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