Pre-Qualification Reform Gathers Pace


Pre-Qualification Reform Gathers Pace


Build UK and CECA are moving forward with the new construction pre-qualification (PQ) system, which will provide a single assessment standard for stage 1 (business assurance). When it is rolled out next year, companies will be audited once a year, by a recognised assessment body, against the industry-agreed ‘Common Assessment Standard’. This will be accepted by Clients and Contractors and they will not specify a particular assessment body.


Build UK achieved a major milestone over the summer with the successful delivery of the pilot of the Common Assessment Standard. 15 Build UK and CECA members completed the new industry-agreed question set and their information was audited by three leading assessment bodies using the corresponding assessment standards. The final version of the question set has now been approved by the Steering Group and we Build UK are making the final changes to the assessment standards in line with the outcome of the pilot.


The final version of the Common Assessment Standard, which is based on PAS 91 plus additional industry-agreed questions, comprises 248 questions across 10 key areas:

  • Identity
  • Financial
  • Corporate and Professional Standing
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental
  • Quality
  • Equality
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Information Security
  • BIM

Guidance on completing the question set has also been developed and will be published in the New Year. A number of Build UK Client and Contractor members are already updating their PQ requirements for the supply chain and, if you have any queries regarding individual member requirements, please email David Bishop

The Steering Group has agreed a plan for working towards a soft launch of the new PQ system to Build UK and CECA members from March 2019. This soft launch will include the leading assessment bodies being recognised to audit companies against the Common Assessment Standard and the implementation of a new data sharing model to enable Clients and Contractors to access verified PQ data for their supply chains. Regular updates will be provided in the run up to the soft launch. https://builduk.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/PQ-Reform-Soft-Launch-October-2018.pdf


The Build UK and CECA PQ Reform Steering Group has now become an Interim Cross Industry Body to deliver and oversee the new PQ system in the short term. Chaired by Neil Mant (Vinci) with the support of Paul Reeve (ECA) as Vice Chairman, the Interim Cross Industry Body will oversee the Common Assessment Standard, the recognition of assessment bodies, and the sharing of PQ data. It will meet for the first time in January.


Next steps:

    • Publication of the Common Assessment Standard
    • First meeting of the Interim Cross Industry Body
    • Recognition of the first assessment bodies to audit companies against the Common Assessment Standard
    • Agreement of data sharing model
    • Soft launch of the new system to Build UK and CECA members.


Source: Build UK

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