Pre-qualification special


Pre-qualification special


Two years ago in June, I attended the Build UK Summer party. Build UK were just one-year in to their PQ reform journey and it seemed like there was little progress at the time. Indeed, some of the rumblings amongst those that attended were quite negative and ran along the lines of ‘no progress to see, impossible to do’. I personally did not underestimate the scale of the task ahead of Build UK. Simply creating a company website where you are supposedly in complete control, can take far, far longer that you expect! So I knew that solutions would not be achieved overnight, and that it would take years, not months, to improve the PQ system for our industry, but it is a long term goal worth fighting for! I was therefore delighted to listen to a presentation earlier this year by the Task Group Chair, Neil Mant (Vinci plc) on the significant progress now made, and I would like to congratulate Build UK and those that maintained belief and are supporting the cause. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but with the creation of a new PQ Standard and backing from both industry & government, we will start to see real positive change in this area. I have therefore given over this week’s newsletter to raise awareness of progress on PQ reform. I am sure that Build UK would be delighted to receive any comments or questions from SPRA members.


Source: Cathie Clarke, CEO, SPRA


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