Sponsors needed for development of PAS


Sponsors needed for development of PAS


The CPA is working with BSI to develop a PAS (Publicly Available Specification) for a construction product information management system. This will cover the governance and management of digital construction information sets and ramp up UK capability in readiness for the emerging European Standards. Spring 2020 is likely to be the earliest that any European standards will be published. There are currently no UK standards for managing construction product data.


The CPA will lead a consortium to sponsor the PAS project acting as the Key Sponsor. A Technical Author will be commissioned by CPA to draft the PAS in accordance with the BSI standards process. BSI will provide a Project Manager to coordinate with the Key Sponsor the work of a Steering Group of experts to peer review the PAS drafts through consensus. The project is seeking additional funding from sponsors so that work can start asap. The CPA believes this represents an excellent marketing opportunity for members willing to contribute. For further information please contact Hanna.Clarke@constructionproducts.org.uk

Source: CPA

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