SPRA CEO Christmas Message


SPRA CEO Christmas Message

This is my last message for 2018. The end of another successful year for SPRA and its members. In addition to the usual technical, standards and industry committees including the Construction Products Association and Build UK, 2018 saw SPRA elected onto a number of new industry groups and represents its members on the Build UK CITB Review Board, the CSCS Card Management Committee, the Industry Response Working Group 2 – Installers, and the Industry Response Working Group 12 – Products. The last two are particularly key as fire, combustible materials & Hackitt Review recommendations stay centre stage. We are also working with the NFRC with regards to specialist testing and training linked to the developing Roofcert scheme and I have also been co-opted onto the Institute of Roofing Board this year.


Although a significant increase in work, these have all raised the profile of SPRA and its members, and our involvement has endorsed the value, knowledge and understanding that we can bring to the table to support and influence the important industry challenges that affect us all.


Over the last year, I’ve sometimes used the phrase; ‘the SPRA Community’ because I think that in recent years particularly, members have become increasingly involved in their trade body. SPRA members have always been strong on the technical side. Coming together to produce what I think is some of the best (the best…?) specialist technical guidance available across the wider industry, not just roofing. I am proud that this is offered free of charge to everyone. We took the decision to invest in increasing awareness of the SPRA Design Guide, and by the end of the year, well over 500 architects and main contractors will have received personal copies of the Guide through the post.


In 2019, I would like the phrase; ‘the SPRA Community’ to mean much more. Next year, the SPRA team, in particular our new Technical Manager Ronan Brunton, will be developing ideas around ‘the SPRA single ply system’. Whereby, a single ply roof can be truly a SPRA single ply roof. Where everyone involved in the design, specification, installation and aftercare has followed SPRA guidance and principals, whether a SPRA member or not.


We must stay focussed on the importance of skills, knowledge and understanding to protect and promote our sector. We are very pleased that our online single ply training and assessment course has been welcomed by industry (have you achieved your certificate yet?) and we expect that our new ‘Single ply Awareness Training’ (SAT) course aimed at managers and professionals will be equally celebrated and accessed. We will be running two pilot SAT courses in January and February (both booked up) before the course is commercially available. Details of all our training options and booking forms can be found on the SPRA website.


I would like to thank the SPRA team, my Chair and Council for their fantastic support and friendship over the last 12 months. I particularly want to thank Jim, who leaves us at the end of this year (although I am pleased that he has accepted my invitation to be involved in the Awards and be my guest at Conference 😊…have you booked your tickets yet?). I also want to thank SPRA members for their involvement, humour and support and for generally being a fantastic bunch! Just don’t forget, the more you put in to your trade association, the more you get out – so a plea to all members to maximise your benefits and get your voice heard along the way!


So, on behalf of the SPRA Team, I would like to wish every reader of the SPRA Weekly News, a happy, healthy and hopefully relaxing festive break. The newsletter will return Wednesday 9th of January at 8pm, so set your alarms!


Source: Cathie Clarke, SPRA CEO

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