SPRA Website-behind the scenes


SPRA Website-behind the scenes

I had hoped that no-one would notice the fact that we have moved the SPRA website to a new server and support team last week – but despite our very best efforts, the transfer meant that some of the links in last week’s newsletter didn’t work. We notified all contacts straight away and were able to sort the problem very quickly, however we are now going through an exercise with the new developers to identify existing problems and investigate more improvements that can be made to the site. Now is an ideal time therefore to send any feedback or suggestions for development. The SPRA website is our shop window and a key member benefit, so we want to make it work for our members as well as for the wider industry. We are already looking into automating the membership login process and adding a proper calendar. Please send any comments or suggestions to enquiries@spra.co.uk – we promise to read and consider every single one!

Source: Cathie Clarke, CEO

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