SPRA Website update – Help us to help you


SPRA Website update – Help us to help you!


Over recent weeks, SPRA has been unfortunate in experiencing a few problems with the SPRA website and in particular., with Member Logins. This is all at a time when we are trying to encourage members to make much greater use of the site, because it is the best way to access information and keep up to date with industry developments, membership offers and news. We only know if something is wrong if we are told by users. So please, if you experience any problems logging in to the SPRA website, or see any broken links, typos or anything else that doesn’t look quite right, please drop a quick email to membership@spra.co.uk so that we can keep everything running as it should. Don’t forget that any employee of a SPRA member company can request a member login. We try and approve login requests within two working days, and do them immediately if we can.


Source: Cathie Clarke, SPRA CEO