Manufacturer Basic Competency Programme (BCP)

BCP - What is it?

The Basic Competency Programme is simply a manufacturer’s training course that has been approved by SPRA and recognised by CSCS. There is no change to the training itself, but SPRA has mapped the course to certain elements of the Level 2 Vocational Qualification (VQ) Applied Waterproof Membranes-Single Ply Roofing. In doing so, those taking the course will have shown that they have completed some sections of the Level 2 qualification.

Who is the course for?

A BCP is only open to Experienced Workers (CSCS definition: an installer who has been working in the occupation for at least one year in the last three). Experienced Workers may take the approved manufacturer course alongside less experienced installers. Only the Experienced Worker will be offered the BCP certificate on successful completion of the course.

This certificate will allow the Experienced Worker to apply for a special 3year Experienced Worker CSCS card (subject to successfully passing the CSCS Working at Heights Health Safety and Environment Test), allowing them to get on site. The installer is then expected to gain the full NVQ Level 2 Single Ply Waterproofing before the end of the three years. Most experienced workers can do this via On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) but a few may need extra off-site training, and the Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP) will be their best route.

Trainees taking the manufacturer course are able to apply for a Trainee CSCS card that will allow them to get on site, and provides them with five years to complete the Level 2 NVQ – probably through SAP or SUP routes. However, they will have to pass the CSCS Working At Heights Health Safety & Environment test and register for either a SAP or SUP to access the card.

Which SPRA manufacturer members have been approved for BCP?

Axter, Bauder, CCM, Danosa, ICB Waterproofing, Icopal, IKO Polymeric, Protan, Sealeco, SIG D&T, SIKA Sarnafil, Sika Trocal.

Please contact the manufacturer direct to find out about courses.

Experienced Workers can claim £50 for their BCP course from SPRA

SPRA is currently offering £50 per person (Experienced Workers only) following successful completion of any of the manufacturer BCP courses. Payment will be made after verification by SPRA. Claim now

(Please note – claims can be retrospective back to 1st June 2017)

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