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Welcome to Bowmarsh Roofing!


Welcome to Bowmarsh Roofing!

A warm welcome to Bowmarsh Roofing to the SPRA community! Based in Devon Bowmarsh Roofing was founded by roofing specialist Tony Marsh. Tony’s 30 years of experience in the roofing industry is incredibly varied & has involved extensive working for the industry’s leading manufacturers, suppliers & contractors. Bowmarsh Roofing pride themselves on guaranteeing a highly personalized service, even on large-scale projects. A lean, energetic business employing only highly skilled and fully trained work force means they can provide roofing & cladding systems to robust & accurate requirements.


SPRA is always pleased to welcome contractors and installers who have a commitment to quality and technical excellence, who understand the excellent benefits that SPRA offers, and want to help us to continually improve our specialist sector and the wider industry. Have you got what it takes to join us?


Source: SPRA CEO, Cathie Clarke