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Single Ply Training Options

Level 2 National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications

SPRA offers high quality specialist training programmes leading to the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Waterproofing Systems – Single Ply Membranes.  SPRA members benefit from reduced course rates and CITB registered companies can also access CITB grant funding. (NOTE: When registering an operative for an NVQ; a training provider will usually carry out a pre-course interview to assess and profile the operative’s existing skills and assign them to the appropriate training route).

What single ply roofing courses are available and which lead to the Level 2 N/SVQ?

SPRA has developed a comprehensive career path for those working in the single ply roofing industry.

Want to learn the basic principles of single ply roofing, or test your knowledge?

The SPRA online training and assessment module is based on the SPRA Design Guide and is the perfect place to start if you are new to the single ply roofing sector. It’s also a great way of testing and proving your existing knowledge and is now an RIBA approved CPD course. This online course is free to take, and successful learners will receive a certificate of achievement. This is not a formal qualification, but it provides proof of a level of specialist single ply knowledge and forms a great cornerstone to develop your knowledge and skills.

Apprentice level single ply installer?

If you are new to the industry or have limited knowledge, skills and experience then the SPRA   Specialist Applied-Skills Programme (SAP) course is for you. Successful candidates achieve a Level 2 NVQ Single Ply Membranes.

Looking for a Short Course or are an experienced single ply installer needing some additional upskilling and requiring a qualification?

If you already have a good knowledge of single ply roofing systems and installation, but perhaps require some additional training, then one or more of the short courses within our  Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP) may be your best option. Combined with a period of assessment, this can also lead to a Level 2 NVQ Single Ply Membranes.

Fully experienced single ply installer with no qualification?

For those installers who have the knowledge, skills and understanding but who don’t hold any formal qualifications, the  On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT)   route is the correct option. This does not require the installer to attend college, as all assessment is done on site. OSAT leads to a full Level 2 NVQ Single Ply Membranes.

Require manufacturer training for single ply membranes?

SPRA members are required to train installers on their products. Please contact the SPRA Membrane members directly to enquire about training. Current SPRA membrane members are: Axter, Bauder, CCM, Danosa, Firestone Building Products, Flex-R, ICB Waterproofing, Icopal, IKO Polymeric, Protan, Renolit, SIG D&T, SIKA, Sealeco & Soprema.

Approved Manufacturer Training – Basic Competency Programme (BCP)

SPRA also works with membrane members to approve their training for the Basic Competency Programme (BCP) which can be the first step to an Experienced Worker installer achieving a full level 2 Single Ply vocational qualification. The following SPRA members who are currently approved for BCP are Axter, Bauder, CCM, DanosaICB Waterproofing, Icopal, IKO Polymeric, Protan, SIG D&T, SIKA &  Sealeco

Manager, Specifier, Sales, Inspector etc seeking better undestanding of single ply membranes and systems?

SPRA has developed a special three-day Single ply Awareness Training course (SAT) specifically aimed at managers and professionals, but would benefit anyone working in the single ply industry.  This course provides learners with an achievement certificate.

What funding is available for training?

The CITB now funds short courses individually, with a range of grants available for courses depending on their length and content. To access training grants, courses must be delivered through a registered Approved Training Organisation (ATO). SPRA is an ATO. Please contact SPRA for more information.

SPRA Discounts and Funding

SPRA offers discounts on its training courses to members and can sometimes offer additional grant support. Please contact SPRA  for more details.

Other CITB Funding and Grants (as at June 2018)

CITB Skills & Training Fund- up to £10K in addition to grants. Apply Now!  Information Flyer & Application Form

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