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Welcome to Sita

The name Sita has stood for excellence in drainage and emergency drainage in the flat roof sector for decades. Each product comes with the experience gained from the production of several millions of outlets. We systematically pursue one single objective: quality in all areas.

Sita leads the field in Germany as far as the production of drainage and ventilation systems is concerned. We are aware of how important good product quality is in achieving outstanding end results. That is why we do everything to provide you with the perfect basis for your work using our products and systems.
With Sita, you may be absolutely assured of building on quality.

Location: Sita Bauelemente GmbH/UK, 13 High Storrs Close, Sheffield, S11 7LJ

Phone: +44 (0) 7402239777

Email: info@sita-bauelemente.de

Website: www.sita-bauelemente.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dachentwaesserung

Twitter: www.twitter.com/entwaesserung

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