Telclad Ltd

We have developed a reputation for a high standard of work and service, which has been enhanced by a policy of providing only quality materials on all projects. In 1981 we acquired the licence to install the Trocal range of single ply membrane roofing systems and developed this area of the business, which over the next five years became the major part of our operations.

Over the years we have continued to concentrate on single ply roofing which remains the major part of our activities. In addition to the Trocal system we have acquired the licence to install the Renolit range of Alkorplan single ply membrane roofing systems.

All applications are catered for within the systems, with materials to suit exposed, paved/ballasted and green/garden roofs.


Telclad are joint NFRC-SPRA members

Location: Brindley Road, Hinckley, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3BY

Phone: 01455 617282

Fax: 01455 617 282

Email: sales@telclad.co.uk

Website: www.telclad.co.uk/

Case Studies: http://www.telclad.co.uk/case-studies.aspx

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