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The SPRA Awards are over for another year, and already the SPRA Team is overwhelmed with positive feedback !  Thank you to all those who attended, those who followed our event via the live blog, our speakers and of course the fantastic sponsorship that SPRA received from:

  • DANOSA(Headline)
  • Bauder, EJOT and ICB Waterproofing (Gold)
  • Building Innovation, Firth Steels, Quinn Therm, SIKA UK and Tata Steel  (Silver)
  • Contour Roofing, Sundolitt, EagleView, SPI (Bronze)

SPRA Awards 2018 are as follows:

Outstanding Achievement Award

The first recipient of this new award, Jim Hooker Technical Director, SPRA.  Congratulations to Jim, a standing ovation from the room!

Best Safe Working Award WINNER 2018




SIG Design and Technology Limited, working with Flat Roofing Membranes.

Lymington Shores, Hampshire.

Very steep pitches, confined access and a typical multi-trade new build site all add up to potential risks for specialist roofers. This project shows that risk can be reduced by planning and coordination and the result is very impressive.  View project images HERE.

Best Safe Working Award Highly Commended 2018




IKO Polymeric working with NRA Roofing & Flooring.

Rock House SEN School.

A straightforward job on paper, but multi-trade and all with highly visible installation at a relatively steep pitch. Add deep overhanging eaves and awkward details. This demanded faultless risk management and preparation with experienced installers.  View project images HERE.

Best Detailing Award WINNER 2018




IKO Polymeric working with DVC Roofing.

Goosecroft Lane, Northallerton.

This complex, multi-slope pitched roof project shows what can be achieved with planning and skill. Tongued and grooved OSB deck, adhered vapour control layer and insulation coupled with careful loading of boards top ensure consistent bond and level. A great finish that will get even better with time.

Best Detailing Award Highly Commended 2018




Danosa UK working with County Flat Roofing.

Oat Errish Farm.

Nothing was straightforward at this unique project. Huge 1800 curved feature gables demanded a perfect finish to membrane-metal on face and radius. You only get one go at this kind of challenge. Detailing elsewhere was first class.

Best Sustainability Award WINNER 2018




Protan UK working with NRA Roofing & Flooring.

LEC Limited offices.

Low-disruption refurbishment of a 1970’s building with woodwool deck is a serious design challenge. Exposure ruled out adhesion, wood wool ruled out mechanical fastening. Protan UK offered patented vacuum technology, which balances wind load either side of the membrane. A neat solution.

Best Sustainability Award Highly Commended 2018




IKO Polymeric working with Delomac Roofing.

North Hertfordshire District Council, Letchworth Garden City.

The main contractor originally specified removal of existing woodwool, but close consultation with IKO Polymeric and Delomac Roofing enabled an overlay scheme to be developed, with reduced waste and disruption.

Best Innovation Award WINNER 2018




DANOSA UK working with County Flat Roofing.

Oat Errish Farm.

Like a residential version of the Sage at Gateshead, this extraordinary five-bedroomed house in Devon exploits a warm roof single ply system to deliver performance. This is then clad in 4600 timber slats to provide a unique visual effect. DANOSA UK used a special integrated fixing point to combine these two elements reliably and simply.

Best Innovation Award Highly Commended 2018




IKO Polymeric working with Marksman Roofing.

Hinkley Point C.

The scale of the Hinkley project is illustrated by this job, which is to accommodate construction workers. Complete warm roof panels prefabricated in Newark were shipped to site, minimising waste and weather delays. Another example of single ply working with new construction technologies.

Best Refurbishment Award WINNER 2018




SIG D&T working with Roofworx UK.

Ogee Dome, former Bristol General Hospital.

This extraordinary dome caps a twenty-five metre high octagonal tower. Complex geometry, yet there’s no room for error in such a prominent location. The judges were impressed by the planning and sequencing of this project, following SPRA rules for attachment.

Best Refurbishment Award Highly Commended 2018





IKO Polymeric working with Delomac Roofing.

North Hertfordshire District Council, Letchworth Garden City.

An uninspiring 1970’s office block has been transformed by careful specification and meticulous installation. A superb finish on highly visible mansards shows what can be achieved by single ply in the right hands.

Best New Construction Award WINNER 2018




Danosa UK working with Industrial Construction (Sussex) Ltd.

Royal Russell School, Croydon.

This year many entries featured single ply membranes as an alternative to metal standing seams. But this one beats them all hands down. Multiple hipped roofs, ballasted and exposed membrane warm roofs and membrane-covered parapets, all to the same high quality. For the judges this project shone out as the best in our industry.

Best New Construction Award Highly Commended 2018




SIG D&T working with Flat Roofing Membranes.

Lymington Shores, Hampshire.

This complex twelve thousand metre project development involved 164 visible roof areas of replica standing seam. The design and specification left no room for trial runs; everything had to be right first time. The result clearly demonstrates the design flexibility of single ply.