Risk Reductions

Peace of mind

Choosing a SPRA single ply roofing supplier and contractor ensures compliance with a rigorous set of audit requirements for single ply roofing products and their application, as well as a commitment to the minimum standards set out in the SPRA Design Guide and other SPRA guidance documents.


For the Main Contractor

Reducing risk to your roofing project:

Make full use of the product support offered by the SPRA membrane manufacturers. Co-ordinate roofing and M&E trades by technical collaboration at an early stage and arrange effective roof protection and clear responsibility for maintaining it until PC. Sequence the work to avoid potentially disruptive following trades such as brickwork or rendering and check the training credentials of all installers.


For Product Supply and Support

SPRA membrane manufacturers must:

Supply only to registered specialist contractors employing trained labour and carry out a recorded inspection of the completed work if a warranty is to be offered.


There is a UK-wide network of installers who have been trained in the use of each particular product. SPRA Membrane manufacturers must maintain a training database, with cards issued to installers. Training courses must be comprehensive, approved by SPRA and delivered off-site.

Inspection and testing

Download the SPRA Guidance document: Non-Destructive Testing of Single Ply Membrane Roof Coverings


For Clients and Developers

Guarantees and warranties

You will be looking for a robust warranty on the roof product(s). SPRA requires that its membrane and associate product suppliers offer a minimum 10 year policy with terms that are clear and reasonable. Go to Downloads to view the SPRA Guidance document: ‘Guarantees – a checklist for clients and designers’

Roof service life

All SPRA membrane products must have current independent certification from British Board of Agrément or BRE Global. These state anticipated service life based on field study and artificial ageing and range from 25-40 years.

Single ply membranes themselves require no maintenance during service. However, subject to safe access being available, it is recommended that all roofs are inspected once or preferably twice per year to check for damage, obstructed rainwater outlets, condition of designated walkways and so on. Single ply membranes can be cleaned if required using water and a soft brush.

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